About Amy Felix-Reese

Amy Felix-ReeseI started Inside Counts in 1998 to support leaders on what can feel like a solo journey. It’s evolved into helping leadership collectives and supporting teams to work together in transforming organizations. I’m particularly passionate in helping people to live lives of meaning, heart, and health and spread that through healthy organizations. I truly believe this creates healthy societies and a healthy planet.

I’ve jumped into my leadership & life journey whole-heartedly and try my best to practice what I preach, to evolve. I sometimes fail. I sometimes struggle. That’s what keeps me real. Because as long as I’m trying and failing, I’m learning and growing. We’re on this journey together.

I thrive in Colorado with my husband and son where we play together by camping, hiking, biking, and anything outdoors that involves movement and exploration. Dinners together with family and friends are important. Making a positive contribution to our communities is important.

The other people who make up Inside Counts are trusted colleagues with their own thriving practices who have contributed to our success.   Check our resource page for other links to their websites.