Our Clients

Inside Counts has been built on a model of trusted partnerships

I’ve built this consulting firm as an independent owner who hires trusted colleagues – also independent – to build out solutions for our clients. We can be as small as 1, or as large as 10, depending on your needs. In the last 3 years, I’ve begun an alliance with the Full Circle Group as a Senior Coach and Consultant in their Inner Circle. This partnership allows us to expand our offerings even more as your needs grow.

No matter what our engagement looks like for you, you can count on high caliber, trusted partners who truly work to serve you and your needs. Our intention is to always give you our best, to be a strategic thinking partner, and to embrace your organization as our own without losing our objectivity.

We tend to build long relationships with our clients. Meaning, we really like each other and get results, so our clients keep us around.

A sampling of current and previous clients: