Inside Leaders

You’re already a high achiever. You have great potential to grow and develop and contribute even more. And, you may be realizing that what worked before doesn’t seem to be doing it for you – or others – anymore.

Amy and her colleagues will guide you on a journey into new ways of being as a leader. Watch the outer impact and results change for the better as you transform on the inside.

Our team at Inside Counts helps to ignite your leadership and life through:

  • One on one consulting and coaching,
  • 360 assessment, and
  • Experiential leadership development programs (L.I.F.E.: Leading in Full Engagement).

We develop the whole leader, from the inside-out through awareness, clarity, conscious choice, and commitment. With this work, you shift your attention to create your intention.

Become prepared for the challenges you face in a way that keeps you clear, centered, and expansive. Explore with us the four dimensions of what it means to be a human leading other humans: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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