Inside Start-Ups

We’re often enlisted by start up CEOs or founders who grew an idea, built a business, and built a team…who now realize they need to shift how they lead if the company is to survive and thrive.

The realization can be slow or a whack upside the head into awareness, but it happens. It happens through:

  • Wearing too many hats, being too controlling and unwilling or unable to let go,
  • Being too much the sole identity of the organization.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by ensuring cash flow, keeping investors happy, and ensuring your team’s engagement, excitement, and entrepreneurism doesn’t burn out.
  • Worry about bringing the right people into your company who maintain the fit and desired culture of what you set out to create.

This is your baby. Babies generate both love and fear. Is your fear getting the best of you?

Amy and her colleagues get the challenges you face. Taking from our Leadership and Team Systems work, we work alongside you to create a more easeful way of being, leading, and realizing your dream, without losing your edge.

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