Inside Teams

Are you a strong team who is gearing up for change and challenges? Do you want to maintain alignment and focus with impending change? Or, are you stuck? Are you finding meetings unconstructive and a repeat of the last one? Are you spending considerable energy working around issues instead of working through them?

Amy & her colleagues coach and develop teams to higher levels of performance and positive organizational impact. We do this by balancing the ‘both, and’ of teamwork: the human interaction and intelligence of how team members come together, and the productivity of doing the right work at the right time.   Our coaching and facilitation for outcomes works.

Here’s what we know: A measured improvement of 10% of a team’s performance can result in a gain of millions of dollars. Our system has been refined over our years of coaching and developing teams to high performance and thus, accelerating results in ways people didn’t think possible.

We consistently help teams improve their performance by:

  • Facilitating learning for behaviors that result in high performance
  • Building a teams’ capacity to be self-managing
  • Raising a team’s awareness around dynamics and impact
  • Providing tools for communicating in new, more effective ways
  • Creating alignment to achieve desired results
  • Improving collaboration both inside and outside of the team

Discover what this can look like for your team.